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Pikselsmia – The digital smithy

We are a CGI studio situated next to the fjords and mountains of the beautiful Art Nouveau city of Aalesund, Norway. We offer high quality 3D illustrations, animations, visual effects, integration of CG elements in live-shots, and film production from A to Z. We provide a visual voice that makes you stand out from the crowd with increased brand recognition, and with a vibrantly conveyed message in your marketing. We have successfully accomplished thousands of projects, all with great passion for our trade.

  • We provide all technical needs for the production in-house
  • We reach the agreed upon level of ambition
  • We have brand awareness
  • We have engineer-technical competence
  • We have film-technical competence
  • We run our own render farm assuring confideniality

With our passion for 3D we transform your thoughts and ideas to unique imagery conveying your message clear and concisely

Tom LarsenProducer & Director


We produce all types of 3D animations. We employ existing 3D models supplied by the client, optionally we construct new models from CAD drawings, sketches or descriptions.

Animation project breakdown

Receive order

Duration, format and contents of the animation is agreed upon with the client


A written breakdown of the animation is developed


Animated sketch containing camera angles, tempo and duration of the animation

Client approval

The animation previz is approved by the client


Construction of assets, models, animation, environment and materials


The animation is generated on our in-house render farm


Add effects, color correction, graphics and text


Addition of sound design and voice-over (narrator)


The animation is supplied with the agreed upon duration and format


We produce illustrations used for marketing, architectural visualizations, banners, product presentations, press releases and much more.

Illustration project breakdown

Receive order

Format and deliverables are agreed upon with the client


Construction or import of 3D models from the client


Initial sketches are supplied for the clients approval

Client approval

The client approves of the sketches


Production of the illustration on the basis of approved sketches


3d image is generated on our in-house render farm


Final adjustments of colors and touch-ups


The illustration is delivered in the agreed upon format


With experience from film, advertising and TV-productions, we offer set-extensions, simulations, atmospheric elements, rotoscoping, 3D tracking and more.

Some of the VFX services we offer:

Set extensions

Digital sets seamlessly integrated in backplate

Fluid simulation

Such as water, sea, caramel, milk and other fluids


Such as fire, smok, fog, rain and snow


Traditional rotoscoping

3D tracking

We have dedicated software for 3D tracking

VFX supervision

Supervisor services

Aerial drone photography

Pikselsmia has a certified aerial drone pilot for commercial flying. We offer professional aerial drone photography as a stand-alone service, or part of a larger production with addons such as 3D tracking, visual effects and placement of CG elements in captured the backplates.

Want to know more?

What are the stages of an aerial drone photography production?


Create a written flight plan

Flight approval

Acquire approval from relevant authorities


Capture raw footage with the aerial drone


Conversion of raw-footage, color corrections

Integration (optional)

In projects where the aerial footage is used as part of a larger production


The aerial footage is delivered as a stand-alone product or part of a larger production

Tverrvegen 38A, 6020 Ålesund

(+47) 92 41 20 96


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